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CRE8 | printing ambitions
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The experts for printing on Alu-Dibond, acrylic glass and glass 

Printing Ambitions, that is our motto. At the same time, it is the reason why we do what we do. We believe that there is a solution for every challenge. In order to find these solutions, one must always remain innovative in the technical field but also think creatively. Innovation and creativity are therefore at the top of the list at CRE8. This has to be the case, because customers' wishes are becoming more and more individual and complex. We like that. When it comes to printing, we like to be challenged. That's why we ask you: What is your claim?

Watch our corporate video

<h3>Watch our corporate video</h3>

Printing ambitions

We are the partner who makes our customers' ideas accessible. Our starting point is always: First the why, then the how!

How we do it

We use knowledge, creativity and innovative
techniques for the highest quality.

What we do

We produce high-quality, photorealistic products
on solid board materials.

  • Jorien Jansen
    Jorien Jansen
    Managing director, Commerce
  • Mario Katers
    Mario Katers
    Managing director, Technical Management
  • Stefan Abbing
    Stefan Abbing
    Commercial manager
  • Daniela Dierselhuis
    Daniela Dierselhuis
    Service, Administration
  • Marloes  Löwenthal
    Marloes Löwenthal
    Operation Manager
  • Yannik Schienke
    Yannik Schienke
    Product development, DTP
  • Lisa Dierselhuis
    Lisa Dierselhuis
    Service, Sales
  • Lars Lammers
    Lars Lammers
    Sales Manager Germany

Do you want to know what CRE8 can do for you?

We are curious about your wishes, plans and dreams. Challenge us!