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The excellent print quality of CRE8 

The print quality depends on various aspects: Print resolution, ink drops, number of colors and color range. The resolution is understood by the number of ink drops per inch. The more ink drops per inch, the more detailed the printed image. Printers used for advertising purposes often print in a resolution of 360 x 360 DPI, whereas we print our photo products in a resolution of 1,440 x 720 DPI, so that the details remain visible in our prints.

<h2>The excellent print quality of CRE8&nbsp;</h2>

The smallest ink drop for the best result

In addition to the print resolution, the size of the ink drops also plays a major role. The size of the ink drops is called Picoliter. Most flatbed printers used in the advertising industry have a drop size of 30 to 80 picoliters. The currently smallest ink drop in flatbed printers is 6 picoliters. We work with these printers.

There are flatbed printers that print with 4 colors, but also those that print with 6 colors.

With more printing colours and colour contrast, better results can be achieved, e.g. to print skin colours. Our printers are of course equipped with 6 printing inks.

<h2>The smallest ink drop for the best result</h2>

Enormously wide colour range

The last aspect is the color range. We do not print in CMYK, but in RGB. We do this because cameras and monitors also work in the RGB colour range.

<h2>Enormously wide colour range</h2>