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Laminating is the application of a protective film to a panel.


Why laminating?

Choosing lamination protects the board from UV light, weather conditions and scratches, for example. At CRE8 we laminate up to a maximum width of 150cm.

Among other things, we offer these laminates:

  • glossy laminate
  • silky lustre laminate
  • matt laminate
  • scratch-resistant laminate
  • anti-graffiti
  • magnetic
  • whiteboards
  • structures
  • ffer these laminates:

Lamineren van glas

Lamineren van glas is een techniek om twee of meerdere glasplaten aan elkaar te bevestigen.

<h2>Lamineren van glas</h2>

Laminating at CRE8

CRE8 laminates glass sheets, up to a maximum size of 2,000 x 1,250 mm, in-house. Lamination is a perfect solution to protect a print. The glass can be laminated with a white or transparent intermediate layer. This technique is used for table tops, gravestones and shower doors, among others.