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Digital routing

At CRE8 we mill digitally. You are no longer bound to straight lines, but can have any shape produced completely digitally. Without punching blades or high start-up costs.

<h1>Digital routing</h1>

Cutting and milling

We cut and mill the following panel materials with a maximum panel size of 300 x 200 cm:

Dibond, Forex, Plexiglas, Hylite, Re-board, Allison, PetG, Polyprop, Twinwall, Acrylic, Magnetic film, Wood, MDF, Cardboard, Rubber, Capa, Foam and PVC.

We can also cut roll goods, e.g.:

Canvas, vinyl stickers, bisonyl, synaps, leather, PVC canvas, paper and foils.

Additionally we have the possibility to cut, crease, kiss cut and polish different materials. This can be done in any form from 1 piece up to large quantities.


<h2>Cutting and milling</h2>

Foil Plots

Foil plots are figurally cut foils. With our cutting plotter we can cut colour films to figurative shapes. This is particularly interesting e.g. for the lettering of cars or on company clothing.