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UV printing

Everything for a perfect end result. 

At CRE8 we are experts in UV printing. The material is printed with UV ink and dried in the same step with UV light. Photo paper and stickers are not printed in this process.

<h2>Everything for a perfect end result.&nbsp;</h2>

Direct Printing

The direct printing process also takes place in UV printing. The process is also called UV flatbed printing. The ink is printed on the material and dried with UV light. Various materials can be printed up to a maximum width of 2,000 mm, whereby the length can be infinite. The maximum thickness of the panels must not exceed 45 mm.

With this process we have the possibility to print on various flat materials such as wood, aluminium dibond, acrylic glass, forex, paper or other roll goods (e.g. canvas).

Besides 6 printing colours we can also print with white ink and primer.

Flatbed Printers

There are a variety of flatbed printers that are used for commercial printing. These printers are very well suited for large print runs, but the print quality is not particularly high due to the significantly higher droplet size. We differ in that we work with flatbed printers that print in the highest photo quality, because our printers use considerably smaller ink droplets.