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CRE8 works only with the best materials

When it comes to the materials we use, we first look at the purpose and application of the product. To find out which materials can best be used, it is very important to ask the right questions.

  • What is it used for?
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Is a glossy or matt appearance desired?
  • Smooth or textured?
  • Does it have to be waterproof?
  • Is scratch resistance required?
  • Is it important that the materials are translucent?
  • Do the materials have to comply with a certain fire class?
<h2>CRE8 works only with the best materials</h2>

Fair and professional advice on the right materials 

These are a number of questions that we ask in order to achieve the best result. Materials have a big influence on the result and therefore we think it is important to give clear advice. We not only advise on quality, but are also transparent in our prices. We have the right solution for every budget and explain the differences in an understandable form. We take our role as consultants seriously and want our clients to receive all the information they need to make the right choice.

Request a non-binding sample from CRE8

We also produce samples for our customers to illustrate the differences in materials. We produce samples from glass and plexiglass, Dibond white and Dibond BF or UV printing and FineArt printing for comparison. We make our samples to measure with the design of the customer. With the samples we can show what the colours do on the different materials and check whether they meet the requirements of the end product.

For us it is important that the customer receives a fair and clear result and does not have to experience any nasty surprises afterwards.