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Cookie Restrictions

In order to provide you with the best possible service, the Printing Ambitions website uses various cookies. In this cookie statement we would like to inform you about the purposes for which the cookies are used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. These cookies are used to track information about your visit and surfing behaviour on our website. If you subsequently visit our website again using the same device, the information contained in the cookie will be consulted. Our website can recognize you in this way.

Our website uses functional cookies, research and tracking cookies as well as advertising/tracking cookies.

Functional cookies

These cookies ensure that the website works properly. They remember, for example, that you are already logged in, which photos you selected or which products you put in your shopping cart at that moment.

Investigation and analysis of cookies

With the help of these cookies we receive information about the functioning of the website, the most visited pages, etc. On the basis of this we can carry out further research into the use of (parts of) the website and analyse this further in order to further improve the functionality of the website. We do not store any personal data in this regard. These cookies cannot be used to find out what you, as a specific person, have done on the website.

Advertising/tracking cookies

These cookies are used, for example, to analyze how much is clicked on our banners. Furthermore, the cookies are used to track visitors over a longer period of time over different websites and to offer targeted online advertisements based on the profile he has built up. The information from these cookies can be shared in an advertising network to which printing ambitions is connected. The cookie can also be read by the websites that belong to this network.


You can use your browser to delete cookies and set them in such a way that they cannot simply be automatically accepted. How that works depends on the type of browser. In the document below you can read how to manage cookies for your own browser.

Please note that if you make any changes to your browser that result in cookies no longer being accepted, our website may not function properly or data (for example, from your shopping basket) may be lost.

Below is a list of all cookies used on our website. You can use this list if you want to disable cookies from one of the above categories.

Browsing information

Below is a description of how you can disable and manage cookies for each type of browser.

Opt-out of cookies in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer allows you to select the level of the cookie filter:

  • Click on 'Tools
  • Click on 'Internet Options
  • Click on the 'Privacy' tab
  • Move the slider to choose your settings
  • For more detailed privacy settings, click 'Advanced' or visit http://windows.microsoft.com/nl-NL/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies.

Opt-out of cookies in Safari

  • Click on 'Preferences' from the Safari menu.
  • Select 'Security
  • The cookie settings are then displayed.
  • Choose your settings
  • More info: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042.

Opt-out of cookies in Google Chrome

  • Click on the 'Tools' menu.
  • Select 'Delete browser data'.
  • Click on the 'Delete cookies and other site- and plug-in data' button.
  • More info at: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95647. 

Opt-out of cookies in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox you can set which sites may set cookies and how long they will be stored. You can also view and manage your existing cookies:

  • Click 'Menu' and then 'Options':
  • Click on 'Privacy'.
  • Click on 'Cookies'.
  • Choose the settings
  • More information can be found at: http://support.mozilla.org/nl/kb/Cookies switch on and off.