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CRE8 & Glas, the perfect combination

A print on diamond glass is an elegant presentation of your ambition. It has a crystal clear sheen and is rich in brilliant colours.

<h1>CRE8 &amp; Glas,&nbsp;the perfect combination</h1>


Diamond glass is extremely clear. It makes your photos look the way you want them to look. Black and white photos stand out perfectly because there is virtually no green glow in them, as there is with standard glass. The colours also appear brighter and more intense on glass than a picture on plexiglass or acrylic. In addition, the edges of the glass are polished for a sublime finish to your photo.


Tailor-made rear walls for the kitchen

CRE8 makes kitchen back walls to measure. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide the kitchen with your own designed wall decoration. From lifelike prints to special sizes, in consultation is a lot possible with us. We work with 6mm safety glass and also provide it with socket holes. All you have to do is attach the kitchen back wall and you have the kitchen of your dreams.

<h3 class="h2">Tailor-made rear walls for the kitchen</h3>