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Wood for a natural look

If you want to give your print a natural look, you opt for a print on wood.

<h1>Wood for a natural look</h1>

Printing on spruce, pine and poplar with CRE8

A printop birch plywood is printed without white ink. This causes the structure to pass through the image, especially with light colours. With white ink it is also possible to create a white wash effect.

At CRE8 we do not only work with beech wood, but also with other types of wood such as spruce, pine, meranti, okoum, poplar, white wash and bamboo. Wood is a natural product and therefore you have to take into account its natural properties, such as warping. If this is not desired we offer Dibond wood. This type of wood does not warp.

<h2>Printing on spruce, pine and poplar with CRE8</h2>