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PVC can be a hard or soft plastic. Plasticizers such as stickers, banners or films were often added to plasticized PVC plastics. Hard PVC often requires pre-treatment. There is also foamed PVC, Forex, which has already been pre-treated by the manufacturer for optimum adhesion.


Polystyrene is available in various designs such as impact-resistant styrene or HIPS. This material is UV-stabilized and suitable for outdoor use. The material is often used for POS applications (point of sale).

PE or PP

Polyethylene is known for its poor adhesion. Despite pre-treatment, it can happen that the adhesion is not sufficient. This must always be tested beforehand. Twin-wall sheets are made of PP and provided with a Carona pre-treatment by the manufacturer. Optimum adhesion is achieved with "fresh" boards. This material is used for the well-known real estate signs V-sign.


Abs is also a material with poor adhesion properties. For flat applications it is possible to print this material with a printing machine.


There are several polyesters such as PET G and A PET. The printability of this material is often good. Here we manufacture products that can be easily deformed by vacuum after printing.


At CRE8 we have specialized in the printing of acrylic and PMMA. We ensure optimum adhesion with a special UV primer. Our production environment is virtually dust-free and our machines are equipped with ionizing air. This is the optimal production environment for printing photo prints on Plexiglas.


When extreme requirements such as extreme heat protection, armour and anti-graffiti protection are required, we print on polycarbonate sheets.

The acceptance of orders depends on the type and type of plastic. We can print plastics with a maximum size of 3000 x 2000 mm up to a thickness of 45 mm.

Take a look at our other materials or contact us. We would be pleased to inform you about all possibilities.