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Window film

<h1>Window film</h1>

Window film, directly printable and suitable for any surface

You want to stand out from the crowd with your company and are looking for the perfect advertising? Think of window films or window pictures from CRE8. We offer various solutions for your shop windows. Clearview, for example, is an ideal solution to make your brand or logo visible!

This crystal clear printing film can be printed with full colour and white ink. This creates special effects and any design is possible. And all this without having to cut out the film for a good view.

Would you prefer more privacy? This is possible with the CRE8 sandblasting films.

Would you rather have a little more privacy? Think of our beautiful sandblasting films. These foils can be printed and cut out figuratively. Thus you create privacy but also a beautiful eye-catcher.

Look outwards, but not inwards: One Vision film from CRE8

You can look outwards, but don't want people to look in on you? This is possible with our One-Vision film. The special feature of the One-Vision film is that you can look through the film from the inside to the outside, but not from the outside to the inside. This way your advertising stands out from the crowd without obstructing the view. The film is used on vehicle (rear) windows, building windows and shop windows.