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With five branches and a history of more than half a century, Munsterhuis is an established name in Twente. Munsterhuis Sportcars has had its showroom redesigned by "Van Keulen" for the interior design. As printing partner of "Van Keulen Interieurbouw", CRE8 was responsible for the visualization. First-class images printed in high photo quality on a large-format Dibond with 300x70cm. The corners of these pictures were milled with the ignition, according to the new style of the showroom. The back is provided with an aluminium profile, so that the pictures float in front of the wall.

In addition, the glass walls of the offices were equipped with glass decoration foils and beautiful full colours. The showroom also features two large light boxes measuring 300 x 200 cm, showing a Ferrari Formula 1 car and a Masserati.

The new showroom has a luxurious appearance and is reminiscent of a modern museum room. The generous design and discreet lighting ensure that all attention is paid to the stars of the show: the exclusive cars from Ferrari and Maserati.