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Mumenthaler has installed five "passages" in the "Aorta", the central corridor in the internment camp DC 16 Rotterdam. Each passage has its own colour: pink, blue, salmon, green and yellow. They vary in length from about five metres (salmon) to almost thirteen metres (blue). The passages serve as orientation points for the passengers and users of the building or as an opportunity for stopovers or as a temporary shelter in the long corridor. This last symbolic "refuge" from the things of everyday life is achieved by the fact that the colour extends over the entire length of the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the window. In every solid wall there is a huge photo or a second, imaginary window in every colour area, depending on how you see it yourself.

The photographic image was deliberately printed out of focus and represents a grey corridor system with window and door openings. Through these "windows" we always see a romantically tinted and somewhat stereotypical landscape. In this way, in the green plain you can see conifers and mountain ridges reflected in a mirror-smooth mountain lake, the yellow plain offers a flaming sunset behind a burning lighthouse and the salmon-coloured part of the corridor offers a view of an (uninhabited?) island with palm trees. These are undefined places we all think we know about.

Mumenthaler has taken over the pictures from existing posters and postcards. She bought, if necessary, the rights to the pictures and photographed them again, but now in her own style. Because as a photographer she chose different points of view and views on the motif, so as a viewer you feel a comparable but significantly different situation every time you see the works of her. It's like getting lost. 

The idyllic images you see through the windows in Mumenthaler's photographs remain unclear whether it is a painting or a real view outside: Is the border around the image a window frame or a picture frame? And don't you look into the corridor you're in right now?

We have digitized the handmade models. Together with the artist we have made proofs to ensure a good and predictable final result. The motifs were printed directly on Dibond and then provided with a matt epoxy coating. The finished pictures were mounted in the masonry with a frame, so that they are additionally protected against vandalism.