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Alvo supermarket
Alvo supermarket
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Alvo supermarket


In the Alvo supermarket, CRE8 brought atmosphere and experience to the store. The task was to produce attractive walls that were light, quick to install and within budget.  Thanks to the intensive cooperation between the client and CRE8, a thorough preparation and delivery of framework work, we have achieved a good final result. The tiles and wooden walls can hardly be distinguished from the original walls.

The solutions and techniques of CRE8

  • Real tiled walls and wooden panels digitized
  • Design & Seamless File Preparation
  • Sampling and checking whether the walls of the real are indistinguishable.
  • Production of panels on Forex. Wooden panels for walls and ceilings and tiled walls behind the "Cheese" and "Butchery" departments.
  • The complete production was provided with an alloy plan and a numbering so that our customer could assemble 400m^2 in 2 days.