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Benno Thoma Exhibition
Benno Thoma Exhibition
Benno Thoma Exhibition
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Benno Thoma Exhibition

CRE8 was allowed to produce this very nice photo series. The pictures were printed in high resolution on brushed aluminium. The pictures are equipped with an aluminium profile on the back, which gives the impression that the picture is floating in front of the wall.

These pictures were printed without white, so that the background of the material remains visible at the appropriate places. This gives these black and white images a great effect. 

The male body has always fascinated Benno Thoma, so he worked this topic out and came to this WET series. Through the use of the element water and the special use of light presents the male body as it sees it; vulnerable and innocent. What Benno wants to achieve with his work is to show the beauty of human anatomy through movement and composition.

For my project WET there was no doubt for me that I would realize this with dibonding prints from CRE8. Dibond gives exactly the three-dimensional effect I wanted. The response to the WET project has been overwhelming and CRE8 has been instrumental in this. I have been a CRE8 customer for many years. For me, you stand above all for top quality, very good advice and personal support, so that I am always happy to come back to you.